Current Obsession: Magnus Walker


Meet the guy who’s living my dream life. No… im not kidding.

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This is real…


This week I am walking the streets of San Francisco with 7 of the most talent young designers/typographers on the scene.

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SGNL + Inspiration Hut


The fine folks at Inspiration Hut did a lovely feature on SGNL. I am honored to be part of such a great resource for designers.

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The Theory – Address is Approximate


This video blew me away!

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The Lab Mercantile


Recently, my good friend and fellow creative, Sara Kate Huff, asked me to help brand her new store-in-store. The Lab Mercantile is the result of Sara’s love of history and objects.

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SGNL + Ribbon Specimen Book


Recently, my buddy Riley Cran and Dan Gneiding invited me to be a part of very special project. Riley is co-founder of Lost Type Coop and Dan is a very talented designer and contributor to Lost Type. He created a font called Ribbon. As part of the launch of his new font 8 other contributors and […]

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Oh Beautiful Beer!


I am excited to announce that my work for Beer Distributors of Oklahoma (BDO) has been included in the ‘Oh Beautiful Beer’ blog. This blog celebrates two of my favorite things; great design and great beer.

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PROJECT BRAVE from WK Interact


To commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11, street artist WK collaborates with New York firefighters to create a massive street mural (100 meters long) full of passion and motion.

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Atelier Mecanic, Romania


The Atelier Mecanic (Mechanical Workshop), designed by Corvin Cristian, is a bar made of 1950 to 1970 industrial relics, salvaged leftovers, graphics and original furniture.

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Logo Lounge Book 7


I am excited to announce that my work has been selected for inclusion in Logolounge Book 7

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it’s about time.


By now most of you have caught a glimpse of the Nike Air Mag’s official release. Though the shoe is four years early the hype around it could not have been bigger.

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Irene in NYC


If there was a way to make a natural disaster look beautiful this would be it.

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Method & Craft


Like many designers, I am constantly on the hunt for inspiration. I have several blogs and sites that I frequent but recently came across this one.

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UVA / Connection


London’s UVA (United Visual Artists), are known for their large scale light/sculptural instillation and experimentation. Their work can be seen all over the world. Most recently, UVA took to the streets of Toronto to create “Connection.”

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A Man about town


Don’t know anything about this video but I think it is so RAD.

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Jacket Design Update.


Several people have asked me what the outcome of the jacket contest was. I am happy (and a bit sad) to report that I won second place in the contest. Top prize was snagged by a New Yorker.

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SGNL + GoodWood


I have recently found some additional GoodWood Pieces with SGNL artwork. One is for current client, NiceKicks. The other, also a SGNL client, DailyDrop.

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MC1 House Costa Rica


This residential project is located in the central Pacific zone of Costa Rica, near the national park Manuel Antonio, Quepos and was designed by Juan Robles of Robles Architects. To carry out the project in hand with nature, an area was chosen on the property that was clear of trees to carry out the construction of the required program, which must respect the natural environment and its characteristics as much as possible.

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Last month I was fortunate enough to be one of five artist in the country chosen to re-interpret the denim jacket. I was honored to be in the company of such artists as: Matt Siren (Queens, NY), Philip Iosca (Portland, Oregon), Steven and William Ladd (Brooklyn, NY) and John Garrett (Albuquerque, New Mexico).

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Bertelli • Biciclette Assemblate


I have two words for you…Viva Italia! Francesco Bertelli is the man behind these stunning bikes. Based in New York City, he creates some of the most beautiful two wheelers out there. His creations have such a high level of style, without compromising the practicality of owning and riding a bike.

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Smaller in Texas


Texas architect Jim Poteet helped Stacey Hill, who lives in a San Antonio artists’ community, wrangle an empty steel shipping container into a playhouse, a garden retreat and a guesthouse for visiting artists.

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holga .D


Saikat Biswas designed these mock-ups to illustrate his concept for an open-source camera platform based on the original Holga camera.

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Mayflower Moves Forward


Mayflower has left its old boxy (sorry) identity behind in favor of a much brighter, forward–moving identity.

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Levi’s Tailor shop // SF


Launched on July 4th — for all you denim loving patriots — at the Levi Strauss & Co. flagship store in San Francisco (Union Square) is the Levi’s Tailor Shop, a one-of-a-kind customization area with special goods and services.

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Melting Perrier Commercial / Directors cut


You may have noticed the eye-catching Perrier television commercial in which it’s so hot out that everything appears to be melting. Shot by director Frederic Planchon for Ogilvy Paris,

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Pantone hotel / Brussels


The Pantone Hotel, just off Avenue Louise in the Belgian capital, is the latest addition to the Pantone Universe range of consumer spin-offs and brand extensions, which also includes hugely popular Pantone mugs in a variety of colors…

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Vintage Car Culture + Chet Baker = Heaven


Not sure what the story behind how these two amazing things came together on one video, but as Michael Williams of ‘A Continuous Lean’ says…’This is mesmerizing both in sound and sight.’ Amazing stuff.

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Logo Lounge Masters Library Series


I just got word from the folks at Logo Lounge that 10 of my logo/mark entries will be included in the upcoming LogoLounge Masters Library: Shapes & Symbols. This is the third book in the ‘Masters Series’ and I have been fortunate enough to be included in all three.

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States of Mind


INSPIRED BY the vanishing subgenre of agricultural memo books, ornate pocket ledgers and the simple, unassuming beauty of a well-crafted grocery list, the Draplin Design Company, Portland, Oregon in conjunction with Coudal Partners of Chicago, Illinois bring you “FIELD NOTES” in hopes of offering, “An honest memo book, worth fillin’ up with GOOD INFORMATION.”

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You can’t work, at work.


If you work in any creative environment you will probably be able to relate to this video. In a world of ‘super-collaboration’ and structuring our workplaces to accommodate that, we have started to neglect the reason we are there in the first place….WORK.

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The Dieline’s Latest Top 10


The Dieline is one of my favorite design inspiration sites. Over the years they have become the leading resource in the packaging design industry. It is easy to get lost on this site with all of the amazing work by designers from around the world. I celebrate great design by others because in the end, we are all working toward the same common goal.

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I know what you might be thinking…Miller High Life, really?! Yes. I have loved this beer for many years. The fact that they put “The Champagne of Beers” on every bottle, made me feel like I was drinking quality. Silly, I know, but honest. The taste, in my opinion is great – when compared to other American choices. Greater than that is the recent package overhaul to the flagship beer by Landor San Francisco.

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Inside the Terrapin Archives


Last week during my visit to Terrapin / Stationers Engraving & Printing Co. I had a chance to watch the engraving process first hand — something truly amazing to see in person. It was equally amazing to take a trip back in time via the Terrapin archive. The company has 50+ years of old business cards, stationery and other printed goods sitting around.

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Designed for Humans.


Hyundai / The Jupiter Drawing Room / One Horse Town

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Thanks Grandma Vol. 2


That’s right folks. It’s time for another installment of your favorite geriatric memorabilia, “Thanks Gandma!” Today we’re playing bridge – well, keeping score anyway. There is so much to appreciate with this little 5″x8.5″ book.

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New Apple Logo


Cupertino, CA — Brace yourself. Apple is about to change its logo — again. The new corporate mark, set to roll out this summer, will be the tenth official logo for Apple in the last 13 years.“Jony knocked this one out of the park,” said one executive, on condition of anonymity. “You can barely notice the damn thing anymore.”

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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell


A “green” super-car? According to Mercedez-Benz that is exactly what the SLS E-Cell is. But hang on big fella, unfortunately, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell gullwing isn’t scheduled until sometime in 2015

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A new bus for London


The New Bus for London is inspired by the much-loved Routemaster and will use the latest green technology when it launches in 2012.

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SGNL on ‘We Love WP’


The SGNL site has recently been featured on ‘We Love WP.’ WLWP is dedicated to showcasing Wordpress Powered sites. According to WeLove, only 1 in 10 sites are chosen for listing. We truly appreciate the consideration and feature! Not bad for only being online 2 months.

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Thanks Grandma Vol. 1


Today I am introducing a series I like to call, “Thanks Grandma.” My “Gram,” Dee Cremer, was an accomplished artist in her own right. She loved illustration and painting. Over the years, as Gram has cleaned out a closet or hope chest, she has given me some gems. From art supplies, vintage graph paper, paints, books, magazines, and more. All things that, as a designer, I salivate over because like most designers, I am a huge type nerd.

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Baxter Finley, Barber & Shop


Baxter of California has opened an impressive little retro barbershop in Los Angeles – the Baxter Finley, Barber & Shop at 515 N. La Cienega Blvd. Seems like the natural extension of their men’s skincare/shaving line

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A Ojos Cerrados


A Ojos Cerrados, is a Costa Rican film by Miel Y Palo Films. This a story of love, loss and friendship and how tragedy always brings hope. Written and directed by the talented Hérman Jiménez.

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Toolbox: Italy


Toolbox is a professional incubator located in an industrial building in Torino Italy. Its design has been created for a new generation of professionals. For a monthly fee, Toolbox supplies desks, shared conference areas, café, lobby, reception, patio, kitchen, call boxes and more.

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Red Bluff Residence


Austin-based Bercy Chen Design Studio often aims to modernize the architectural staples of yesteryear, bringing the sustainability of our ancestors into a 21st-century context. Their newest project, the “Red Bluff Residence,” works to reinvent the ancient pit-house—once common to hunter-gatherer societies—for an effective site-specific architectural installation.

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OO–HD Wireless Projector


The OO is a wireless projector capable of displaying high definition (1080p) data. Utilizing either a WIFI connection or internal SSD storage, the projector can operate independently from any wire for up to 3 hours based on an internal Li-Ion battery or using a single wire connected to a power source.

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BP = Basically Pathetic


As oil continues to vent in the Gulf, designers are starting to vent as well. Greenpeace UK has launched a competition to redesign BP’s logo, which might be just the sort of outlet some of you may be needing at this point.

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HUF Footwear Commercials 006 & 007


HUF drops two more commercials for their forthcoming skateboard lifestyle footwear.

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Shoreditch House London


Overlooking Foster’s sensational Gherkin, the nearby ‘City’, and Shoreditch itself, Shoreditch House boasts a rooftop pool, garden bar, ‘lazy lawn’ and BBQ on it’s mind-blowing Roof Top

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SGNL Cards are here


As I posted a couple weeks back, business cards can be a challenge. Even more so when doing your own. In an effort to have something more memorable, I didn’t want to print them. Instead I chose the laser route.

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Hélio by Léa Longis


Hélio DAB Radio design uses colorful Grätzel solar panels that are transparent. Grätzel solar panels get their color from vegetable ink, upping the ‘green’ quotient. LED panels and speakers complement the radio and are in sync with the form. Just the kind we want to bring home!

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Vashon Island Cabin by Vandeventer + Carlander


This project consists of the remodel of an existing one story cabin with a daylight basement. Given tight site development restrictions resulting from an existing drain field, it was not possible to increase the existing cabin’s lot coverage.

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Temporary Architecture Bar / Parque da Cidade


The unique architecture of the bar located in the Parque da Cidade, Porto, Portugal. Bars stand as icons of light cube, which consists of modular sections.

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Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle


While there’s no denying the sheer eye-candy appeal of the 21 bikes currently on display at NYC’s Museum of Art and Design, the show goes beyond the glossy frames, contoured leather seats, and clever accessories, delving into the intensive craftsmanship that drives the growing rebirth of the trade.

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SGNL cards / Sneak-Peek


Developing a memorable business card is always a challenge. When you are doing them for yourself, it can become a giant undertaking. I have to say that next to creating my identity these were a formidable challenge. In the end, I pushed through and came up with these.

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OrignalFake + Bicycle – 4th Anniversary Playing Cards


A little surprise gift is prepared for fans of OriginalFake as part of their 4th anniversary campaign. Only available at the OriginalFake flagship store in Aoyama, Tokyo are these custom designed playing cards by card specialist Bicycle.

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Transformation Mask


Anthony Santella is an amazing sculptor and painter. One the of the pieces I recently stumbled upon is “Transformation Mask.” The piece was inspired by the juxtaposition of a reliquary head, and native American masks of the old American north.

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Quality or Money?


There is a misconception about graphic designing; people think it to be as easy as a pie. Is it really so? Graphic design is a professional field and requires specialization to perform. Working as a professional/expert, one expects premium payment as well. Consider the case of doctors…why are they highly paid? It is because they are specialist of their respective field. If you catch a cold or a fever, you wouldn’t be consulting a mechanic…would you?

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Saddleback Leather Co


Nothing beats the feel, look and smell of leather that are all enhanced exponentially with the passage of time.

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MOD font / Fontfabric


MOD is a ultra-black typeface designed by Fontfabric. Designed to defy the limits of legibility it is also a journey into a universe of strange possibilities. Available for free download. Enjoy!

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Ihsu Yoon Demoreel 2010


This Demoreel 2010 was done by Ihsu Yoon at MFA Computer Art Department in School of Visual Arts. Inspired by architectural design and music.

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Pantone Plus Series


Defining the pigments of the imagination for almost 50 years, Pantone sets industry standards in color. Its matching systems and guides are essential in graphic arts, industrial design, fashion, cosmetics—when finding, referencing or producing the precise hue, tint or shade is critical.

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